Woman has been extolled in ancient scriptures as well as classical poetry as Grihalakshmi, the Goddess of Prosperity in the Home. She is the Dharmapathni (the companion in virtue of the husband) in the fulfillment of the duties and rights of wedded life as a householder. While learning home science, you may be getting trained in the art of making the home happy and full of harmony and health. You have to learn also how to steer clear of hatred, malice, greed, anger, anxiety, pride and other obstacles that come in the way of inner peace. It is not enough if the home budget is balanced; the wife (and the mother) must learn the art of having a balanced view of life, which will not be affected by triumphs and troubles, gains or losses, victory or defeat.



To be recognized for their role in helping convert homes into beautiful happy families through the empowerment of the fundamentals of Life and Living through the structured LIGHT programme

The LIGHT programme was seen as an immediate need to address issues and challenges faced by women currently. Juggling as a wife and mother, balancing career and home, reaching out to immediate family members and friends are some of the many demand shouldered by women of today.   As we look deeper into Swami's words, the Wanita Wing gave birth to a significant programme called LIGHT to empower and delegate the responsibility of nurturing and nursing the world for a better place for the future.

In LIGHT, women will be given the ultimate role in building and paving the way as the core centre of dependence for everyone surrounding them, as they are often seen as a pillar of strength. Here, they will be equipped with appropriate tools, workable strategies and useful techniques to fulfil their journey in bringing out the best of LIGHT to shine.

In line with our WANITA's VISION, suitable objectives were chosen to compliment desired topics. These topics were carefully selected, crafted and designed to spell out the real meaning of women's special gift through LIGHT.



Module 1:   exploring the beauty of LIGHT

Module 2:   linking life to LOVE

Module 3:   instilling INNER BEAUTY for happiness

Module 4:   gearing to enrich life's with positive GROWTH

Module 5:   harnessing good HEALTH for quality life

Module 6:   tracing identity with TRADITIONS and culture

Module 7:  embarking on life's journey with LIGHT


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