Pranams at the lotus feet of Swami. Sai Ram Brothers and sisters,

My journey with Sai started in the fourth quarter of 2014. A period of ignorance and despair changed my life, and that led me to follow the path of Sai. I had nowhere to turn to until I found Swami.

It was a Bhajan session at SSBC NED in Penang that got me hooked to Sai and his teachings. It was one Sunday Bhajan, and I felt a calling, a calling to serve him and humanity. 

Namasmarana was the first step that enabled me to get closer to SAI.  I sang the Glory of God often, and it became a routine that I could not let go. Every Bhajan gave me a sense of purpose.

In the third year, I participated in Satsangs like STP and Bhagawad Gita classes, followed by Seva activities organised by various centres. That gave me the impetus to do more for society, and thanks to his blessing, I became a service coordinator for NED last year. 

It took quite the transition, but I believe Swami’s teachings and love guided me through each Seva, and I never shirked the famous saying, "Love all, serve all."

Together with our team, we helped the needy people by doing selfless service. By doing so, we are making the world a better place, and also see ourselves closer to Swami. When service is done, the ego somehow fades away, and negative energy is just pushed out.

When your heart and mind is filled with love, care and compassion, nobody can stop you. The world would only shower you with good things. 

We are his instrument, and it is our duty to make him proud with our service. My transformation in Sai did have its obstacles, but when you have the belief in Swami, you will be protected.

At a time where a single virus is wreaking havoc around the world, people have lost their source of income and found life to be challenging. I lost my job due to the pandemic, but with great faith, I somehow got a job again three days after my contract ended. It felt like a blessing, and at that very point, I knew Swami would protect all of us, including my family, in every step of the way. 

I want to end my note by saying that Sai is around me every day. I believe that a peaceful mind, and believing in yourself on whatever that you do would lead you to his path. Jai Sai Ram! ~ Sis Tan, Penang

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