Om Sai Ram
My Journey to Sai " Gratitude"

Swami is the Universe. All abundance comes from the Universe. The more moments we spend being grateful, greater abundance will be directed towards us. 

Swami says, "A man without gratitude lowers himself below the level of animals". 

My purpose in life is to be a worthy instrument of Swami.

Gratitude means, the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. 

So, where do I start with Swami? There is no beginning and no end as to how I want to express my gratefulness to my beloved Lord.

He says "I am always in you, with you, above you and around you". Ever since "that glorious day" when I was a teen, not even a Sai follower, when I asked, "who is that?" 

Swami took that step forward and into my life. It was a reminder. But it didn't happen immediately. It took a few long years, after my marriage, that Swami decided the time had come for Him to guide me on His path - the Dharmic path - where "Love All, Serve All, Help Ever Hurt Never" was the call.

I never looked back.

He made sure that my family background was spiritual, even school was a Christian school(teachings which I treasure to this day)my marriage into a spiritual family, took me straight to Swami.

Many challenges in life, but Swami in His own loving, compassionate and understanding way was always present.

It was my heartfelt yearning to be a teacher. Not being a school teacher, Swami the Indweller of All, knew and picked me to be one among thousands of His dedicated teachers, to guide and inspire young hearts. What an irreplaceable gift. Something I will hold on to, for the rest of my life.

This body which He blessed me with, has placed itself in His Holy Abode, these eyes have had the pleasure of seeing His enchanting form, these ears have had the pleasure of listening to His words of Truth and His soothing songs, these hands have had the pleasure of touching His beautiful Lotus Feet. Can I ask for more? He has given me enough and more. 

Gratitude/Grateful is such a small word compared to the mountain of blessings He has bestowed.

Still, I shall be that :
G - Gem
R - Remembering my Sai and His name
A - Always practising His
T - Teachings of Service and Love towards all with a positive attitude
I - Imbibing the five Human Values in me
T - To Inspire one and all
U -Uniting my thoughts, words and deeds remembering that the Atma is present in all
D - Devoting my life to be a worthwhile instrument of His
E -  Embodying my attitude and behaviour towards all, to keep the name of Sai glowing always.

This is how I will show my gratefulness to Swami.

Thank you and Jai Sai Ram.
~ Sis Shanthini Rajandram, Perak


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