The Medical Conference 2019 - How Not To Fall Sick was organised after many decades by Sathya Sai International Organisation of Malaysia. The Medical Conference was held on 15 September 2019 at Perdanasiswa Auditorium, University of Malaya. The organising team was led by Bro Dr Vignes Rao along with 16 committee members. The conference was opened to the public for free of cost.


The registration was opened to the public 2 weeks before the program via online registration. About 260 people registered initially for the conference. However, on the day of the program 200 people turned up at the auditorium. The attendees consists of mostly baby boomers and gen x.

Participants were registering at registering counter and goodie bag was given

The program was initiated with Dr.V.K.Ravindran, Zone 4 Chairman’s welcome speech followed by the inauguration of the medical conference on stage along with Bro Mahendran, President of Sathya Sai International Organisation of Malaysia and Bro Dr Vignes Rao, National Medical Coordinator Sathya Sai International Organisation of Malaysia. The conference was divided into two sessions. The first session were scheduled talks by renowned medical professionals, researchers and professors. The first talk was by Professor Dr Ganesh Yadlapalli Professor of Medicine, Nephrology and Hypertension division from University of Cincinatti , on ‘Importance of Focusing on Preventive Health Care’ followed by Professor Dr Mustafa, from Department of Pathology of University Malaya on ‘Toxins in Food’. There was a break in between for everyone, vegetarian breakfast was served along with tea and coffee.

Inauguration of  the Medical conference by Dr Ravindran , Zone 4 chairman accompanied by Mr. Mahendran , President of SSIOM and Dr Vignes National Medical Coordinator of SSIOM

The program was continued by Mr Chris Sekar  Consultant of Psychotherapy and Addiction talk on ‘Understanding the Nature of Addiction’, Prof Dr Suresh Govind from Department of Parasitology, University Malaya talk on ‘How to Lead a Happy and Stress-free Life’ and lastly by Dr Sathya Rao, Family Medicine Specialist on ‘Creating A Caring Society’. The finale of the first session was concluded by Question & Answer session by a panel of guest speakers. The questions were submitted by the attendees via “Whatsapp” to the organizing committee. The attendees were then served with vegetarian lunch.

Talk by Prof Dr Ganesh

In the afternoon, the second session was conducted as workshops where attendees were divided into two groups; medical and non-medical. The non-medical group which is in workshop 1 was headed by Dr.Sharalaa, Dr Malarvilli, Dr Vignes, Dr Dandaithapani (Pshycologist), Mr Shankar (Physiotherapy)  while the medical group  in workshop 2 was headed by Professsor Dr Ganesh Yadlapalli, Dr Sathya and Dr Vignes. The workshop 1 was on Treating ‘You & Me’ Right  attended by Doctors, Dentists and Pharmacists while workshop 2 was on Keeping your Health in Check!  attended by Nurses, Paramedics and General Public. The workshop 1 was started off  with a talk on oral health care and oral cancer awareness by Dr Vignes.The participants were later divided in to 3 groups, with talks covering a wide array of topics, including hypertension, diabetes, obesity, body mass index, life style, fall mechanism & avoidance, and healthy diet. The session was then concluded with relaxation therapy by Dr Dr Dandaithapani .  Workshop 2 was aimed at Medical personnel. Topics like Healing hands of doctors, Medical camp done right, and Rakan Medicare were well received with overwhelming positive response.Participants were enthusiastic and receptive to engage in the session. They were provided with the necessary tools and guidance to potentially conduct such camps on their own in future.

Question and Answering session with the speakers and participants

The day ended with  conclusion by Dr Sathya and closing speech by Dr Vignes as the organising chairman of Medical Conference. Attendees were served with tea before they dispersed. Certificates of Attendance were emailed to attendees by the organizing committee. On 29 September 2019, MMA (Malaysia Medical Association) has agreed to provide 8 CPD (Continuing Professional Development)  points to  attendees of the conference from medical field.

Workshop 1 conducted by Dr Sathya for medical group
Workshop 2 conducted by Dr Sharaala for non- medical group

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