The world today is facing great problems. Following the 9/11 incident, the spark of religious and racial differences have rekindled, causing violent confrontation among countries all over the world, showering untold miseries to the inhabitants of this earth.

For the first time, virtually in human history, the religions that God created through His prophets and holy men to foster love, peace and harmony have become, because of the acts of a relative few, a potential source of discord and disharmony.  And when diversity of religions has the added problem of diversity of race, then this becomes a potential source of violence and conflict.

We now see this happening in USA, Europe, Egypt, Middle East, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and now it is spreading to the Far East.

In Malaysia, as we live in a multi-racial, multi-religious country, it is of utmost importance that the values of love, peace and harmony pervade in each and every member of the society.

The future and prosperity of Malaysia lies in the unity of its diverse races.  All our nations hard earned economic wealth, prosperity, stability can be wiped off if there is no unity amongst the various races and religious groups. The challenge that faces our nation today is to foster unity amongst every religion to take a pro active role in fostering “national building”.

Thus, the Sathya Sai Baba Central Council of Malaysia has organised and undertaken community service projects for the needy and underprivileged as well as to promote the consciousness of human values in society by organising camps and symposiums focused on unity in diversity.

Besides community adoption programmes, the council has also initiated Friendship Group for Inter Religious Service (FGIS). It is in the context of unity and harmony that the major religious groups in Malaysia have decided to come together under FGIS to undertake community service projects for the needy and underprivileged.



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