The purpose of the Wanita wing is to help the Wanita members appreciate, understand and imbibe the special role Wanitas' have in fulfilling the Avatharic Vision and Mission. Wanita wing will be recognized for their role in helping to convert troubled houses into beautiful happy homes through the empowerment of the fundamentals of Life and Living through the structured LIGHT programme.

Wanitas' of Sai centres must be empowered with knowledge and skills to practice the values inherent in their respective culture and tradition as well as be equipped with Living and Life skills in order to be the foundation for the growth of self, family and society.  Every Sai sister must ensure that their home is a beacon of Values, Religion, Tradition and Culture.  They must ensure that their Children are the first recipients of the Values that Bhagavan expects in a family.

In this respect the Wanita Wing must ensure that all Sai Sisters who are in the positions of responsibility in Homes are full aware of the Expectations of the Avatar in respect of the role of Women in their own Homes and in Society.

The members of the Wanita Wing should undertake such projects that deal with the problems of Women in Society, where their special position as a “sister” will be well received by women in the community.

It should be a vision that every Sai Wife, should try to fulfill the ideals of STREE DHARMA as expressed by Bhagawan Baba in a historic speech and reproduced in the booklet "the Wife Memorandum" and they should be seen as a blessing by their husbands, their parents, in-laws, relations and the community at large.

The moment a SAI wife is seen as the benchmark, the ideal for every wife, making a home a Divine Temple of LOVE, PEACE, JOY AND LAUGHTER... THAN WE HAVE UPHELD THE VISION OF DIVINITY... with every wife being a virtual, walking, talking MAHALAKSHMI (A Divine being) in Society.


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