The Walk for Values is a non-monetary annual walkathon to raise awareness for human values. Walk for Values began at the Sathya Sai School in Ontario, Canada in 2003.It has since grown into an international event.

In 2009, Malaysia was the first country in Asia to successfully organise the internationally-recognised Walk for Values, where it adopted a "Go Green" message. The aim is to promote love, peace, the right conduct and non-violent behaviour towards the environment, among children and the youth, honouring Mother Earth on Mother's Day (the walk was held on Mother's Day).

The simple programme that began two years back at SS3, Petaling Jaya, which attracted 650 people to walk for several kilometres and encourage neighbourhood to plant trees. The idea of gathering a multi-racial crowd to walk and raise the consciousness of the public towards greening the earth caught fire, and has over time involved nearly 8000 people to participate in this noble endeavour.

No money is solicited during this walkathon, instead, people are asked to pledge to try to live up to one or more of the human values in their lives, in the hope one will make the world richer by giving (one's) commitment to practice values, and character-building.

By walking together as kindred spirits, we can achieve two things: we can raise awareness of positive human values such as love, truth, non-violence and peace; and more importantly, we can bring attention to the urgent need to practice them in our community and halt the social and environmental ills that impoverish our lives and our spirit.


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