National Service Wing Leadership Retreat

Saves The Dates

27th & 28th August 2022

Story of Pradosham

Sairam dear all, sharing glimpses of the sketch by  the Negeri Sembilan Mahilas. The amazing team was lead by Sister Chandrika and assisted by young adults.

Sai Annapoorani Mission Feb 2022

Sairam dear brothers and sisters, sharing the video collage of Sai Annapoorani Mission February 2022. 

Journey with Sai Vol.10

Sis. Saranya Naidu | SSBC Bangsar - Outside paves the journey to reach the destination within, The destination to Prashanthi Nilayam.

Support A Family In Need

Sairam Monsoon: Support A Family In Need

Please visit to support a family today. Thank you for your loving contribution.

Ushering Swami's Birthday (Spiritual Wing)

Swami's 96th Birthday Celebration, 96 years of Pure Love

Date: November 22, 2021

Time: 7:30 PM

Avatar Declaration Day 2021

Avatar Declaration Day, get ready to hear from the countries of Zone 4 (Southeast Asian Countries) as they share the #spiritual & #service initiatives in a monthly S.A.I. series of Service, Adoration and Illumination. October 23, 2021 - 11:00 AM

Journey with Sai Vol.9

Sis. Reynuga Selvam | SSBC Rawang - Falling in love with the bhajans was the easy part. Maybe that was His plan all along: hook, line and sinker. Then He came. As I was not brought up in His ways as a child, I was a foreigner to everything..

Journey with Sai Vol 8

Sis Tharani.Nagarajah | SSBC Segambut - Recently, I felt like the bond between Swami and I was getting weaker and weaker. Every decision I took, I felt like Swami was not there..

SSE e-Convocation Class of 2020

Sairam, please join 18th National SSE.SSEHV e-Convocation on Saturday, September 18th (4pm-6pm) at following channels (Facebook, instagram, Youtube). Congratulations Class of 2020!