Sis. Saranya Naidu | SSBC Bangsar 

They said the destination to be is Prashanthi Nilayam, the Abode of Supreme Peace.

I’ve prepped my boat to set sail across the ocean of samsara,
This body is gifted in this lifetime to undergo the cycle of birth and death.

I row the boat with these wooden paddles across the surface of this ocean,
I perform actions in this lifetime believing that this illusion is my reality.

Sea creatures of all shapes and colours grace the side of my boat,
They kept me company and filled up the empty space,
However, swam away from my side when sea currents became stronger,
I believed people came into my life with a one flight ticket only,
They consumed my time with false priorities and broken promises,
Only to find their flight ticket back once they fulfilled their various purpose. 

Alone I sail in this empty boat,
Or so I thought. 

It was not long after for thunder to roar and lightning to flash,
It tore apart my sail of confidence, 
The chaotic waters chopped up my boat of personality,
Challenges and hurdles felt like they were no stranger to me,
It destroyed any form of knowledge I had about myself.
It came like an engulfing tornado ready to chew me up. 

I’m drowning, I can’t breathe, help me please,
Swami help me. 

His curly back hair reflected the sunlight,
His robe drenched in the colour of deep marigold,
His feet glides across the surface with little kicks of His pleats, 
His smile so enchanting, you could be nothing but mesmerised. 
He picked me up from the depths of my despair, 
To dust off the tainted rubbles of hurt and abandonment, 
Rubbed my head with adoration and assurance,
Assurance to stay with me throughout this voyage.

But where did He go?
He isn’t leading from the front neither following from the back, 
He isn’t watching me from above or walking by my side,
He is much more connected than that; He is within.

Outside paves the journey to reach the destination within,
The destination to Prashanthi Nilayam.

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